Thursday, June 21, 2012

Which do you like better: Android 4.0 VS WP7

As Windows Phone 8 is coming, may be we need to take sometime to consider about Windows Phone 7. The site WMPoweruser did such thing, compare Windows Phone 7and Android 4.0 at details on system.

Better at Surfing the internet - Android
At Android 4.0, we have flash player. Although people may say: there is no need for flash to support. In fact, it is necessary when you are suefing the internet, wp7 can't do this. On the other side, ICS system get the Find on page feature, you can even read off the internet, while wp7 can't do this. General speaking, the arrangement of mobile web pages on Android are better than wp7. Both dont differ much on internet speed.

Better at Email - WP7
When it comes to email, wp7 is the winner even compared with ios. It does today. You can't search email(ios can only search title, reciver, sender)! And Android email app doesn't have the conversation processor. If gmail is used, you can search on android, but not convinent as wp7. The third, the interface on android phone is in a mess. So wp7 is far more better than ICS systerm

Better at notification
We can know the result easily, both Android and ios are better than wp7 at the notification function. As for androidm, all notification are under the top of the interface menu to let the user view easily. Whilce at wp7, you will pass the notification easily, and dont know what you have missed. Wish wp8 will improve it.

Better at interface - wp7
ICs system made great efforts at improving user's satisfactory. Compard with wp7, it's not enough. Contact interface can be good, but the other parts are not that good. The menu icon sometimes are on the top, sometime on the bottom. As mentioned above, the messed email interface waste user's a lot time to find the ecovery icon. ICS system is better at many sides. In general, it;s easy to use the interface, but wp7 does better.

Better at mobilbe desktop - Android
Android'Widgets get the same function as WP7'Live Tile. The differen is that Widgets is changeable, but Live Tile is a little square. The good designed Widgets are important as Live Tile, bu the former is more useful. For exmaple, the Weather Channel or Calendar Android, wp7 cant handle this

Better at battery time - wp7
I used Galaxy Nexus for a week, its battery time is worse than Windows Phone, but not a big deal, wp7 win Android with weaker advantage.

Better at multi-task dealing - Android
I have to say it's really fantastic to use the turn-by-turn navigation by gps while sending messages. Iphone and wp7 phones cant deal with this. You can open any other apps when you are using the gps navigation. Android does do it! what's more, ICS doen'rt need anther task manager. All management of the apps are digital. I rarely run into being forced to close some apps.

Better at Media play - wp7
There is a media controller which allow you to pause or shift for all apps in windows phone system. Android doesn't get it, The controller only operate on its own player app. Users have realize it by setting the apps if they want to control the third party players.

Keyboard: draw
I have to say both system keyboard are great, it hard to choose a better one.

You can realize many operations by the Android’s voice order, for example set the clock alarm or navigation. There is doubt that wp7 is far more behind on this point. Android’s voice order even allow user to input words, really hope wp8 get this feature.

Better at page up and page down - WP7
ICS does smoothly at page up and down, but still a stick. WP7 and iphone behaves better

Better at navigation - Android
Every Android phone get the free navigation feature for the users. But as for wp7, only Nokia phone users can enjoy this function(although wp8 will change this). And if we think about multi-tasks dealing feature, Android’s navigation get further better. So we hope wp8 will consider adding multy-tasks dealing function.

Better at photo – wp7
People can watch their photos at anytime at windows phone system. While you can only view the latest ones at android phone. If need to view more, you have to takes seconds to open a new app for more

Better at phone call - Android
Android gets the T9 search in its dial machine to make the dial speed faster. If wp7 phone want to do this, it needs the third party apps to do this.And Android get the function to stop stranger’s call.

Better at unread message/ email checking – wp7
Even if wp7 phone is locked, users can get to know how many unread messages and emails. But for Android, all information are under the menu, it’s not that convenient.

Better at app - Android
It fell the same to start an app in Android or ios phone. If the app is running, then clicking the app, it will back to the position where it is. For this point, windows phone system does bad.

Conclusion: Both Android and wp7 system get their advantage and disadvantage. In fact, people are loving to compare them, they do behave good. We wish wp8 can learn the advantage from the competitors to provide the users better phone experience.


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