Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Similar Apps like Aple Siri for Android Smartphones For free

We get to know that iPhone 4S and iPad(3rd generation) get the the feature Siri. We can see the definition information for the Wikipedia that Siri is an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator which works as an application for Apple's iOS. The application uses a natural language user interface to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions by delegating requests to a set of Web services.


Siri make apple users's electronic life more easier. Siri takes place of some typing job from the hands, what the apple users need to do is open their mouth and speak. Android users may want to ask: is there an app like siri for my android smartphone?Yes, there are. Some developers do make it! And there are not only one. I would like to introduce them to you.

                         1 Google Voice Actions


Google's free Voice Actions assistant--part of its Voice Search utility--demands a more consistent approach. Except for playing music,it can send texts and email, make calls, map a location, give directions, write a note, search the Web, and go to a specific site.if you use this app, you have to employ Google's set phrases.For example, you have to say "Listen to james blunt" rather than "Play james blunt." to play music. Google's app is somewhat more limited in what it can do, too.

                                2 Vlingo

Vlingo doesn't rely exclusively on Google's voice recognition system is one of the few Android assistants. Although Vlingo gets its own home-grown processing. My suggestion is to stick with Google.You can find Vlingo's voice recognition disappointing after trying. Vlingo can send tweets and update your Facebook status, but it couldn't perform a number of functions.

                                  3 Jeannie

Jeannie is for free, but it gets a plus version for $3. If i ask Jeannie to send a message, it asked for the recipient's name, but then just switched me to the texting app without beginning the text or adding the name of the recipient. That's not good. Jeannie doesn't do things to show you how, only result, but it can help you surreal information if you ask it about something

You can download these form android market.These are three main similar siri apps for android smartphone. We can see each of them get their advantage and disadvantages. If you dont know which one to choose form, you can download three of them for a try to find the one that's are suitable for you. Any apps cant satisfy everybody, and the developers are fixing the occur problems by updating its version. I think more excellent similar siri or other apps will rich our fun for playing android phone.


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