Friday, June 8, 2012

iOS is better than Android in 10 ways

Since ios and android have their in mobile device, their fans never stop for a battle. Fans will try their best to speak highly of the products they are using, the advantange is countless - especially the android os which get support from google development experience and  the free open source. But iOS is not bad. Now I'd like to introduce 10 aspect which ios is better than android.

No.10 iTunes store

iOS cant support sync with wifi, but we can use wifi to buy or downlaod music, videos,books. iOS user can enjoy bigger entertainment store when android user share their amazon media product. And only for a few clicks, the shopping products will sync to the consumer's personal computer. So as for shopping for media source, ios ranks best.

No.9 AirPlay

Without support from apple device, Airplay is not that much used, but we can take some ways to make other deices compatiable with Airplay. At Airplay, we just need simple double click to make videos play fluently, it's awesome. Android doesn't get this cool features so far.

No.8 Find My iPhone

If you get important message in your mobile, then installing a program against burglars is really important.For android users,such kind of program should be paid with 6.5 dollars. The same function program Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod/touch dont charge any thing. Find My iPhone is the most used app for people. It's easy to use with reliable function which can accurate the location of the cellphone. As for many fans's words, it's really in power.

No.7 better techolonogy support

If you android phone breakdown for an accasion, what should you do?There are many solutions. As the general way, you can ask the device manufacter, but they dont know the android os very well. If you iphone or other apple device run into breakdown, you can take your device to the apple store or dial the apple hotline for help. You can also book the Genius Bar to make the problem solve easily in case that it's not caused by destroy hardware problem.

No.6 More excelent battery using time and management

For the past few years, apple begin to realise the importance of battery using time,  this now shows at iPad in sacrifice of other functions, some apple fans are not happy with this But if you have a deep think, the battery cant be used for long, you will not use the multi-task process. iOS device can easily make your phone run one day or more,but we dont wish android to be able to this right now.

No.5 sync with itunes

iTunes is the powerful manager to deal with progress,the user can sync data from computer to idevice, it deal with great amount of data. Android user think they cant get itunes source by installing  DoubleTwist. But in fact android cant go directly withi itunes. It needs a media.

No.4 not containing other program

If you wish your android phone doesnt contain some extra app, you have to only choose Google Nexus S. May be for this, you can avoid the extra app.But it's a pity that most android phone is not produced by google. So almost every android phone get some extra apps which has nothing to do with you. But iOS didn't anoy the users like this. Although apple may be sonversative, but this kind of behaviour get the positive sides. At least you know whether you idevice will install Sprint NASCAR or not.

No.3 More excellent program

itunes store dont sell some classic games monitor or some argument apps - it's may be apity, for these games rooted on ios will benifit a lot. This can cause some disadvantage: most apps on iOS will charge(although not expensive), but it gets good side like: developer will benifit for this to make their work in good circle; attractive more developers make more excellent products, proving quality service for customers. Actually the benifit will support an industry to survive, so will the develop. In a word, ios gather many attractive, interesting, useful apps, although they get limitation when used as android, but you can have a jailbreak.

No.2 Use friendly user interface

No matter you like the apple things or not, one is not agruable - that's is its exquisitive design. The apple designed interface can be used wasily with the considerable theory. People can get to know how to use the ios device quickly, even some kids are using iPad smoothly. As compared, android may need you to take some time to oeprate.

No.1 the coherence between the versions

iOS specially foucus on the coherence between versions. so when you hold an ios device, you know what to get; when you update, you can know the related information. But android runs in a different way, its difference not only show between mobile and tablets, phones with different versions are also differs.



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