Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Best Date Android Apps to Find Your Love Or New Friends

Are you in a relationship? Or Are you still single? Anyway, it doesn't bother to install a dating app on your android phone to meet some friends to have a date. Now the autumn is coming, it's a cool season to have an affaire. Now flirt with the boy or the girl who you like by these interesting apps.(you can click the blue words to download)

1 OkCupid Dating

You can register to use this free, Then broadcast your status and send messages to your potential matches. Don't forgert to upload photos which will help you find your girl quickly. You can customize your match search to find exactly what you are looking for. If you are a lazy donkey and let the site do the matching for you. It uses math and computers to get you dates; all you have to do is not screw it up.

2 Zoosk - friend, chat, dating

Tens of thousands of singles join Zoosk online dating every day to flirt, date, or meet a soulmate. If you want to know the nearby girls or boys, just use the location feature to use the GPS location-based matches. Before that set up your account and fill the profile with uploaded photo. This helps to get date quickly.

Flirtalike is a free mobile flirt site and chat community where you can send TEXT, PICTURES, VIRTUAL GIFTS and cheeky FLIRTS. It will match you with other users based on your current location, status or even mood, so you can make new friends in an instant! I think this feature is so perfect. It provides all basic features for completely FREE - but you have to pay for those little extras to make your sweetheart happy - like virtual gifts - are paid premium features - just like in real life ;-) Now send private pic and video messages, you will get notifications about new flirts when the app is not active. By the way, there is no need to worry about that this app will give out your phone number or exact whereabouts.

4 POF Free Online Dating

It's the world's Largest Online Dating Community. As the data shows over 40,000 new people join every day! You can discover who viewed your profile and review your Matches to check out local users in our Meet Me feature. Compared with other dating apps for Skout, Zoosk, and OkCupid, POF will help you find your soulmate for free as part of the world's largest dating community!

5 MiuMeet - Live Online Dating

You can filter people by age, interests, places & tags with anyone: straight, gay, lesbians based on GPS location-based matches. As I tried, it is 100% free of charge! You can import photos from Facebook to share.Happy Valentine's Day!
These are popular used dating android apps. Want to move to a new relationship or just meet new friends, let's go!


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  12. Want to send a romantic message daily to your loved ones, Do it with 365lovebumps app.

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