Sunday, July 8, 2012

Free Apps For Android: Floating Widget v2.0

This lets you interact with any home screen widget while using any other app.
Widgets are no longer only for your home screen!Floating Widget lets you interact with any home screen widget while you’re using any app on your device.

Control your local or streaming music without leaving your current app
Have a sports scoreboard up while using your e-book reader
View a data usage widget in real time while using the app you’re testing
Have a clock on the screen while playing a full screen game
View CPU usage while you’re interacting with an app
Have the a traffic indicator widget always up while commuting
With Floating Widget, you can do all of these and more! Check the screenshots and embedded video for setup and examples.
Download This Free App For Android Here:
Click here to download:Megashare
zip file: 1.33MB


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