Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to make your Android smartphone as a wifi hotspot?

wifi is more and more hot around the world. some guys may want try to make their android smartphone as a wifi hotspot. Actually, it's not difficult to do this, there are so many ideas about doing this, dont get confused, i will collect this information and give you a clear idean on How to make your Android smartphone as a wifi hotspot.

This process doesn't require 'rooting' your phone or downloading any software. It just requires a Google Android phone with a data plan and cellular network reception. All you need to is as followings:


Android Wi-Fi Hotspot Instructions

  1. Open Settings then select Wireless & Networks
  2. Scroll down and select Tethering & portable hotspot
  3. Select Portable Wi-Fi hotspot to enable the service
There are no other settings or configuration needed, and at this point your Android phone will begin to broadcast as Wi-Fi Hotspot with the network name 'AndroidAP' and 'Open' network security. If you would like to customize the SSID name or assign WPA2 PSK networksecurity, select Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings.

Once the computers connects to the new portable Wi-Fi hotspot (AndroidAP is default name), after a few moments the Android phone will automatically issue and IP address to the system. If you're subscribed through a phone carrier who allows pass-through data access, your computer will treat the phone as a network Internet source and can browse the web. Some carriers, such as AT&T in particular, do not allow the phone to function as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. If your carrier is AT&T, this proceedure will work but no Internet access is passed to connected Wi-Fi devices.
Please note that Internet speeds will depend on your phone's data plan, and wireless coverage in your area.


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